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Wonderful inventiveness

I bought a Moa – gone but not forgotten print for my wife’s significant birthday – which is today.  We have a tradition in our family that we like to give an additional gift that is “iconic and ironic”.  For this birthday I wanted something extra special. She is a Kiwi and I am an Aussie so there is much to plunder. We live in Melb and like most expat kiwis she misses home enormously.  I gave her the print this morning and rarely have I seen her so overcome.  She (as do I) adores it. Although it hits the iconic and ironic target bullseye, it is just so beautiful and will take pride of place in our home – and give Annie a little taste of home whenever she looks at it. Thank you for your wonderful inventiveness in this work. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the frame I put it in- which suits it well I think.

Jeremy – Melbourne

Her paintings and prints capture the soul of what it is to be a New Zealander

I have Marika’s prints and paintings hanging in my home in Melbourne. Whenever people visit they notice Marika’s work and ask me about the artist. As a Kiwi living in Australia, Marika’s art always reminds me of home. Nostalgic but fresh, her paintings and prints capture the soul of what it is to be a New Zealander.

Jen – Melbourne

Add depth and perspective to my home.

I have been buying Marika Jones’s work for over 7 years. I have bought limited edition prints, originals and also used her cards. From my perspective her prints and originals are fantastic, rich in texture, link NZ history with contemporary issues and add colour to my life. I can endorse her work as making a statement about how we live and link our past and present. I love her fresh humour, colour and form.   Her work invites comments and add depth and perspective to my home.

Michael – Auckland

Pops in any setting.

I have been a big fan of Marika Jane Jones’ work since she started exhibiting in the late 1990’s. I love the way Marika’s work pops in any setting and I have a number of her pieces both oils and prints, hanging in very key positions in my house. I now live outside of New Zealand and her work reminds me of home and where I have come from. I have also given Marika’s prints to a number of important people in my life, both in New Zealand and overseas. All have a very particular aesthetic and finding the right gift to spoil these special people was a challenge. On all occasions they have loved their Marika Jane Jones print and all have hung them in primo positions in their houses too. No doubt for the same reasons I have.
Stephanie – Melbourne

My walls are full of her gorgeous creations!

I have been purchasing Marika’s incredible art for years now. My walls are full of her gorgeous creations! They bring my beautiful home to life! Marika is incredibly easy to deal with, purchasing is a breeze and nothing is ever too much hassle. She is always willing to go the extra mile and I have found her customer service is on par with her creative talents!

Toni – Auckland

Can’t wait to see what comes out of her studio next!

It’s hard to stop wanting to gather more of this talented kiwi artists pieces… They are such valued additions to our living space that we wish we had more walls! We have been a Marika Jones Art fan for a good 12 years now and the range and classic agelessness, quirky irony and beautiful colours delight everyone who visits our home as well. We’ve found her prints to also make great presents for friends living overseas, bringing them a ‘tasteful’ taste of home. Can’t wait to see what comes out of her studio next!

Anita – Auckland

Marika offers excellent advice and prompt service

I have been buying Marika Jones art for the last two years both personally and professionally and she has always offered excellent advice and prompt service. I was involved in organising a combined International New Zealand/Australia Conference in Wellington, Marika provided 170 artworks which we presented to our speakers as gifts. I under ordered and 15 more prints arrived overnight a testament to Marika’s dedication and work ethic. I will most definitely work with Marika in the future.

Gay – Dunedin

Thanks Marika for bringing art colour and beauty into our home.

I have been a fan of Marika’s art works for the last 15 or so years.  I have followed and loved all her different phases and have enjoyed watching the evolution of her art.  From her gold leaf early works, the birds, the bowls, and my of course her wonderful and playful GBNF prints, all of which adorn our home. ( We joke that our home has become a Marika Jones show room!). We recently purchased a large Mt Cook print to add to our collection which had taken pride of place in the lounge.  Thanks Marika for bringing art colour and beauty into our home.
Joss & Brian – KeriKeri

Always attract compliments

Marika’s works are in my hall, sitting room and bedroom and look great in all three. They always attract compliments both from New Zealanders and non-New Zealanders alike. I love her art because its edgy but not at all overpowering and colourful but fits well with a variety of colour schemes. Marika has also been wonderful to deal with – flexible and friendly.

Coran – Sydney

Fantastic workmanship, an eye for detail, a bit of humour

We have five pieces of Marika’s work in three of our rooms. They are very different from each other as the first was hung fifteen years before the last! One is a serious large modern piece commissioned to mark a life changing event. There are three ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ limited edition prints grouped that have humour and fit in perfectly with our bungalow. The first in timeline is an iconic image in a hand made frame that is an artwork in itself! What they all have in common is fantastic workmanship, an eye for detail, a bit of humour or quirkiness and timeless style. Marika has taken the time to relate the ‘genesis’ and development story to me behind each piece – I like that. It makes them personal to her and relevant to me. We like to keep up with what is new in Marika’s gallery- the hard part is resisting being tempted with each new chapter!

Susie – Auckland